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What We Do


Whether a company is evolving or new to the industry, we work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers, and define their goals.

Logo Design and Identity Systems

We work collaboratively to create the most truthful, compelling, and beautiful image of your brand. Supported by diligent research and fearless iteration, we explore many possibilities before arriving at a comprehensive and versatile identity system.

Naming & Messaging

What do you want to say, and what’s the best way to say it? Language defines a brand as much as aesthetics, and we can work with you to develop the perfect verbal identity. From naming your company to articulating brand promise and positioning, we’re here to help pinpoint and amplify the most authentic voice for your brand.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency drives the power and integrity of a brand. We bulletproof your brand by creating logo specifications and guidelines for typography, color, iconography, image style and usage, and more. This ensures that anyone can apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

Marketing and Brand Collateral

How do your customers engage with your brand? Through advertising? Printed matter? Social media? We can help amplify your voice by translating your brand to an infinite array of print, digital, and video campaigns that can grow with you and remain authentic in a multitude of touchpoints.


Your visual identity goes along side with your brand story to create a cohesive image and/ or reputation for clients and prospects.

Brand strategy and brand development is not just your logo, business cards, and some letterhead. It’s so much beyond that. We craft brand that are powerful and can leverage social media and technology to help your business grow exponentially in a digital landscape.

We build from an initial brand audit to fully scalable brand identity.

We work side by side with you to define and develop your look and feel that will be the focal point of your marketing communication strategy across all your channels.

Every company is unique and create different impacts and legacies for their market and community members!

Steps to successfully building your brand!

Our Branding Strategy

Branding is more than identity.

Many people confuse what branding is. It’s not a logo, product, or promise. Branding is a “gut feeling about a product, service, or company.” Let’s take a look at how we approach branding.


We work with you hand-in-hand to discover what your brand is about and understand your position in sector.


We design from logo to T-shirts and everything you need to define who your brand is and what it stands for.


We then follow up from the discovery phase to the core values, messaging and personality to define who your brand is for and what it stands for.


We will assist you to implement your new branding strategy and visual identity presences.


Fortune Well
MN Attorneys INC
JVS Attorneys Inc
Selby Funeral Services
Grace Divine
Charles Newell International
Kiara for Children Foundation
JVS Attorneys Inc
Soko x Group

What Clients Are Saying

We are very pleased with the quality of the services. In fact, we’ve decided to give them our rebranding as well to ensure we have a uniform work done as you kindly suggested

Kevin Khumalo
Creative Director of Fortune Well

We are very happy with the work and your professionalism and commitment to deliver on time. We truly appreciate quality support from your team.

Nkopane Mokwane
Director of MN Attorneys INC

You guys have done an amazing work with our branding and including our website. We are very satisfied, and we will happily recommend you to friends and colleagues

Sherrow Maboso
Manager of Selby Funeral Services

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